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Have you ever been on a dive where you had the gas supply to carry on but you were restricted by the no-decompression limits of your computer or tables but you were itching to keep exploring?

The SDI Computer Nitrox is the course you need to extend your bottom time in the recreational limits and get the most out of your gas supply on dives. The course covers safe use of Nitrox mixtures between 22-40% oxygen, how to correctly analyse your cylinder contents and ensuring you can program your dive computer to get those lovely longer dives with the interesting stuff!

The Training

The SDI Computer Nitrox Course includes two parts:

  • Online learning – once you have signed up for the course, we will provide you a code to sign up for the online learning in advance of your practical training to work through at home. You will then go through key areas in greater detail with your instructor and cover areas such as:
    • Physiology of using different breathing gas mixtures and equipment considerations for using nitrox
    • How to safely use nitrox mixtures up to 40 percent with a dive computer
    • Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing nitrox mixtures, how to analyze a nitrox mixture
  • Practical training – After you have covered the key knowledge through the online learning, you will then join us at the center to review this with your instructor. They will then take you the following key practical skills required:
    • Tank analysis and labelling
    • Setting up a nitrox compatible dive computer 
    • Logging nitrox analysis 

What to expect?

After signing up for your course, one of our team will be in contact to send your e-learning information and joining instructions in plenty of time to complete ahead of your practical training.

You will join us at the dive centre in the morning to go through paperwork, your instructor will then review your e-learning and take you through the practical nitrox training of analysing and labelling cylinders followed by using this to dive plan. If you are also joining us for diving that day and taking advantage of our combo deal, we will then take you out for 2 dives on the Zenobia to put your new skills to good use.

Training is personal and unique to the individual so we have a maximum of 3 students per instructor in a course with children being given smaller ratios, this allows for 1 to 1 attention, a relaxed pace and a much more enjoyable atmosphere.


  • 10 years and above
  • SDI Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent from an alternative agency 
  • Good physical health – You will need to fill out a self certification medical statement. If you have any medical conditions you think may prevent you from scuba diving please feel free to contact us


€125 pp – 1 person

€240 pp – 2 people

€115 pp – 3 people


– Online Learning + Certification

– Practical training

Time commitment 

1/2 day

Combo Deal!

– Why not put your certification to good use and join us for the day and complete 2 dives on the Zenobia alongside your Computer Nitrox Course for a total of only €225! This includes 2 dives on nitrox, full equipment rental, e-learning, certification + full training.

– Complete a SDI Advanced Adventure Diver Course alongside your SDI Computer Nitrox Course for only €500, saving €20! Includes e-learning, certification, equipment rental, training and all transport.