Depth: 16 – 42 metres

Advanced Open Water or those completing adventure dives/courses or equivalent and above.

Description: The Zenobia became one of the top five wreck dives in the world after sinking on its maiden voyage in 1980.

It is just a 3 minute boat ride from our shop to the wreck. The top of the wreck is at 16m with the bottom at 42m and with good visibility, few currents and warm water, it makes an ideal site for all qualified divers whether it is your first wreck dive or you want a series of technical penetration dives. 

Dive-In Larnaca visits the wreck virtually every day – twice a day – and offer guided tours both outside and inside the wreck, in small groups, tailored to suit each diver’s qualifications and experience. We also run most of our recreational and technical diving courses on the Zenobia.

Whilst diving around the outside of the Zenobia you can see a wide variety of fish life from large Groupers to barracudas and tiny nudibranchs that make the Zenobia their home. The cargo of trucks and their contents have never been salvaged and so are there for you to see lying on the seabed and chained to the decks.

Inside you can dive the accommodation section in the light zone with toilets and basins still visible in some places. The Restaurant has the drinks machine and, by shining a dive torch on the side you bring out the red in the tartan carpet which can still be seen in some areas.

The Upper Cargo deck on the Zenobia will show you rusty trucks piled one on top of the other, some with their windscreens still in place. Whilst in the Middle Cargo, deck the trucks have still retained the colours of their cabs and covers which are stunning alongside the bright orange rust of the lorries’ undersides. The Middle Cargo deck also holds the Zenobia’s only car,  the Captains Larder and a forklift. This one is one our favourite technical routes.

So why don’t you take Dive-In Larnaca’s Wreckhead Tour of the Zenobia. Available for single cylinder divers as well as technical and rebreather (CCR) divers, to see the 10 classic dive routes.

(All dives are subject to each diver’s experience and qualification).

For further information on the history and background on the Zenobia, please follow this link.

MV Elpida 

Depth: 10 – 30 metres

Description: As part of the national program to create protected artificial reefs around Cyprus, the MV Elpida was sunk in Larnaca bay in December 2019. The large 63 metre long Greek commercial vessel sits in 30 metres of water, with the top masts sitting at just 10 metres. 

With great penetration opportunities into the accommodation, bridge, container hold and engine room, this new rusty playground is a great accompaniment to the big sister Zenobia sat not far away. 

Over the coming months and years, it will be colonised by a huge variety of marine life, meaning the dive conducted on this wreck over the years to come will be constantly different. There are already large shoals of Amberjacks and regular sightings of Trumpetfish, Triggerfish and many others.

Due to the close proximity to the dive center we run trips on request almost daily with the wreck appropriate for both recreational and technical divers, offering a few different routes around the large vessel.

For information of prices to boat dive with us, either recreationally or technically please follow this link