Meet The Dive-In Lanarca Team

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Now with the company for coming up to 3 years, Hannah has settled in as the Managing Director at Dive-In – involved in a mix of all of pillars of the business from Diving, Apeks/Aqualung distribution and SDI/TDI Regional Manager for Cyprus and Greece. Her role is primarily land based at the moment, but after some great personal development in 2022 with a Boat captain’s certification and completion of her IT training she hopes to be able to spend a bit more time on the water in this coming season. Generally found at the front desk bribing guests with sweets!

Certification: SDI Instructor Trainer, TDI Decompression Procedures Instructor Trainer, TDI Nitrox Gas Blender + FRTI Instructor

Favourite Zenobia Route: Mid Cargo Forklift

Dream Dive: Orcas – Scandinavia



The other half of the new Director team.  Unfortunately, due to Co-Vid restrictions, he is currently stuck in Oman but is itching to get out here as soon as possible! A background in the merchant navy and port management, he is also working his way up through the various instructor levels.

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Now in his fifth year – Phil was recently been promoted to Operations Manager. Involved in all aspects of the day to day running of the centre from Boat Captain, Instructor, Compressor Man and general handyman. With years of experience guiding on the Zenobia he now aims to get his Technical Instructor certification in 2023 to continue his development. Armed with a subtle and dry sense of humour Phil’s calm approach makes all students feel at ease during training and dives through the wreck – even more impressive considering he does this without drinking any form of caffeine!

Certification: SDI Instructor, TDI Decompression Procedures Diver, TDI Advanced Gas Blending Instructor, FRTI Instructor + DAN Instructor

Favourite Zenobia Route: Auxiliary Engine Room

Dream Dive: Truk Lagoon

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Our on site technical expert and queen of the workshop – Marina has been with the Dive-In team for nearly 6 years and through that time has developed as our primary Service Technician, Boat Captain and Technical diving instructor. This year she aims to continue that progression with her TDI Trimix Instructor and IDEST Tank Inspection certifications. Her meticulous nature and attention to detail means students are truly put through their paces and all equipment receives first class attention. Alongside all of this she is a dab hand with a paintbrush and has recently redesigned all of our merchandise and team uniform!

Certification: SDI Instructor, TDI Decompression Procedures Instructor, TDI Trimix Diver, ITI Visual Inspection Procedures Instructor + FRTI Instructor

Favourite Zenobia Route:

Dream Dive:







Chris is part of the furniture and is now working his way towards retirement – still on hand for various TDI and IT courses and all sorts of technical advice, he is a long term member of the Dive-In Team of 20+ years. Chris now spends his time on various carpentry projects and advises various centres and dive professionals on all things diving and training.

Certification: SDI Instructor Trainer, TDI OC + CCR Instructor Trainer, TDI Service IT, DAN IT + FRTI IT

Favourite Zenobia Route:

Dream Dive: