Dive-In Larnaca also offers shore diving for qualified divers in Xylofagou and Protaras (near Agia Napa).

A two dive trip is €125.00 without kit hire or €150.00 with kit hire, transport, guide, 12L air tank and weights included.

On the day of your shore diving trip, you will either meet us at the dive centre at around 7:45am, or if you are staying in the Protaras/Aiya Napa area we can arrange to pick you up or meet you somewhere in the area at a certain time. We will sort out equipment sizing and paperwork and then hit the road, stopping at a local bakery on route for that all important morning coffee and so you can pick up some snacks or lunch for the day. We will always aim to get you to 2 different dive sites to give you a bit of variety but this will always be weather dependent to ensure that entries and exits are nice and safe. Once finished we will pack up the truck and bring you back to centre or we can drop you back to your accommodation on our route back to Larnaca. We are generally back in Larnaca for between 2pm and 3pm.

Below are some of the dive sites that we use, contact us for more information.

Green Bay

10 – 12 metres

Open Water Diver or equivalent and above 

Located in Protaras, this shallow and calm site offers swimming pool-like conditions with exceptional visibility. As a result it is often a site we take try dives and courses in order to train, it is also the perfect site for novices who are completing a refresher to get back in the water. 

Littered with ancient Amphora and mystical statues across the seabed and a wealth of colourful reef fish, makes this a beautiful little shore dive and is a key stop on our Napa Safari

Tunnels and Caves

12 meters

Open Water Diver or equivalent of above

Another highly popular stop on our Napa Safari tour, starting with a big giant stride entry followed by a stunning underwater tour of natural architecture. 

With a lovely guided experience through the tunnels, one of which is over 40 metres long, all are consistently in the light zone, making it accessible to all divers. You will hopefully see a selection of Octopus, Sea Bream, Lionfish and many others!

Sheep Dip

16 metres

Open Water Diver or equivalent and above

Located not far from Larnaca Bay is one of our more local shore diving sites, Sheep Dip offers both stunning underwater architecture and an array of beautiful marine life. The perfect site for beginners with very little current and very protected.

A typical dive will consist of swimming through the natural underwater arches, above the colourful soft coral formations whilst you watch out for Octopus, Damsels and Morays.


Up to 40 meters

Open Water Divers or equivalent and above

An exciting stop on our Napa Safari, offering great multi-level possibilities allowing for a huge range of training and qualification depths. With the usual beautiful underwater architecture, plus the added bonus of a great view out over Konnoss Bay, it is a popular stop on our shore diving tour.

Marine life consists of Moray Eels, Octopus, Jacks and even the occasional Turtle or two.

Cyclops Cave

Up to 30 meters 

Open Water Diver or equivalent and above

Located in the Cape Grekko area, this site is a firm favourite due to the huge variety it can offer, perfect plateaus for Open Water training along with depths of up to 30 metres available for those qualified. Sitting in the heart of a nature reserve, the marine life is abundant and the view from above the cave is stunning.

The underwater topography of this site is very unique with huge boulders, rocks, sea grass and sand. Marine life here includes Jacks, Tuna, large Pipefish, Squirrel Fish, Parrot Fish, Cardinal fish, Octopus, Blennies, Wrasse, Grouper, Bream & Tube Worms