Technical Diving

Technical Diving + Prices

The wreck of the Zenobia is the perfect site to explore with a week's tech diving and where better to go that the TDI Regional Office for Cyprus and Greece where we have a TDI CCR Mixed Gas Instructor Trainer/TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer on site who has spent years exploring the wreck. We have 10 different routes through the wreck which make up our Wreckheads Tour and do 2 decompression dives per day – max dive time approx. 75 minutes surface to surface.

The dives are led by one of our TDI Instructors who will be on twins or CCR and prices include guide, weights, transport, the Instructor will give you a full site briefing and a post dive briefing.

We dive every day (Monday to Saturday) and Sundays depending upon demand.

We can cater for Twinset, Sidemount and Rebreather (CCR) divers.

We dive in small groups – not more than 4 to a guide and try our best to group divers with similar experience/qualifications together, so please let us know what level of diver you are, when you last went diving and how many dives you have done when you contact us to make a booking

Meeting time for tech divers is at 07:30 unless arranged otherwise. The surface interval for the Zenobia dives is spent at the dive centre and the second dive finishes at about 14.30.

We will collect you from your hotel if you are staying locally. Kindly note that persons opting to stay outside our locality may incur a pick up and drop off fee.

Prices for dives, including guide, boat and weights are:-

1 dive €42.00

2 dives €84.00

5 dives €190.00

6 dives €225.00

8 dives €294.00

10 dives €360.00

Twins are €12.00 per day rental and a Nitrox fill for them is €12.00. Stages (ex regulator) are €7.00 per day and a 50% fill which lasts 2 dives is €13.50.

3L and 2L tanks are €5.00 per day, 3L O2 is €12.00 and 2L is €8.00, Lime is €10.00 per Kg, 7L or 11L bailout is €7.00 per day and Nitrox fill is €6.00.

Tech kit is also available for rent in full or as individual pieces.

Group discounts available.

Contact us for more information or to make a booking.