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Underwater photography is one of the most popular diving specialties. With the rise of inexpensive and user-friendly digital cameras and photo editing software, there are many divers who will now never be caught without their camera. The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course gets you going quickly with modern digital equipment, whether you use a point-and-shoot snap camera or a sophisticated D-SLR like the pros.

The Training

The PADI Digital Underwater Photography Diver course includes two parts: 

  • Knowledge Development – Starting off with the Digital Underwater Photography Diver manual included as part of the course, learn camera set up and white balancing, care for your camera and hot to edit your underwater shots. You will then review this and go into further detail throughout your training with an instructor.
  • Open Water Dives – Over the course of a day you will conduct 2 open water dives with an instructor practising the following and more whilst you discover a whole new diving experience:
    • How to choose the right underwater camera system for you.
    • The PADI SEA (Shoot, Examine, Adjust) method for getting great shots quickly.
    • Principles for good composition of underwater images.
    • Practical techniques to take great photos with your digital camera.


No minimum age for snorkelers, minimum age of 10 for divers

    • PADI Open Water Diver and above, or equivalent, from an alternative agency if completing in scuba equipment
    • Good physical health – You will need to fill out a self certification medical statement. If you have any medical conditions you think may prevent you from scuba diving please feel free to contact us




  • Manual/E-learning + certification
  • 2 Open water dives/Snorkeling sessions
  • Transport to and from dive sites
  • 10% off Aqua Lung or APEKS torches
  • Lifetime membership of the Wreckheads Club

Time commitment

1 day