Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)

Dive-In is the only diver training centre in the world outside of the UK who is approved by the MOD as being an Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) Provider and an Approved Resettlement Training Facility, our ELCAS Number is 1510. We can offer courses in Recreational and Technical diving (PADI, TecRec, SDI, TDI, DAN)

The Dream:

Become a Professional Scuba Diving Instructor? Working around the world in your 'idealchoice' location? Securing that idyllic tropical contract? Waking up each morning to the sounds of the lapping waves and the cool breeze coming in from that fringing reef on your doorstep ?....................... just a dream right?.......................

Not at all!!!......... Hundreds of Service Leavers are today in a new career as a Scuba Diving Professional Instructor, earning a living and living the dream they have waited so long to follow. This has been made possible using the various grants and funding allowances available to you after your many years of dedicated service including ELC funding, to retrain as a PADI Diving Professional working around the World.

Training Options

For candidates with a minimum of the PADI entry level Open Water course we have options for you to complete all courses up to and including Instructor Levels in as little as 7 weeks.

There is also an option to make an applicant an Instructor from being a beginner diver in two phases with a regulation 6 months gap from your first course to your Instructor Course and Instructor Exams.

Depending on your level of claim and whether you have supporting IRTC we will attempt to include PADI application Fees and examination fees as standard for you. Please contact us to find out.

Remember up to £534 can be retrospectively claimed back from your IRTC grant to cover your personal contribution. Any remainder can be put to other training activities.


  • Commitment to Quality
  • Understanding of Forces Personnel's needs and administration requirements
  • Relaxed, friendly and professional learning environment
  • Perfect training conditions
  • Ability to teach professional qualifications within your allowances and ELC budgets with minimal financial input from you.
  • Quality accommodation, dive school and equipment
  • All of the above makes Dive-In the choice for those wanting to make the most of their ELC and Resettlement funding.

For more information contact us or call us on +357 24 627 469