Boat Dives

Boat Dives

Whilst we visit the shipwreck of the Zenobia nearly every day, there are actually 4 wrecks in Larnaca Bay and we also make occasional outings to the others too.


A large fishing boat sitting upright in 30m with top at 20m. Very photogenic, with large schools of circling Jacks and a trigger fish, morays and nudibranchs, this wreck is definitely worth a visit for a dive for Recreational and Technical divers. No penetration.


A small wreck sitting in 16m – very picturesque – and a great site for a refresher dive or for that first open water dive after qualifying.


On the other side of the bay and so only visited occasionally when there is the demand for it, this British River Gun boat sits upside down at 35m. Very limited penetration and sandy bottom is easily disturbed but still worth a visit in the summer when the 25 minute journey there is more comfortable,

Octopus Reef

A group of seagrass beds make up this site, a good site for beginners and for Advanced Open Water course Navigation dives. Max depth 8m.