DAN First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries


DAN First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries course represents entry-level training designed to educate the general diving (and qualified non-diving) public to identify hazardous marine life, to recognise possible injuries caused by hazardous marine life, to provide first aid for hazardous marine life injuries and to avoid hazardous marine life injuries.


  • Knowledge Development – Once you have signed up for the course, we will provide you with a digital CD manual to read and complete the relevant knowledge reviews before your practical training
  • Classroom and practical training.  During this programme participants will cover the following areas plus many other:
    • Identifying hazardous marine life injuries 
    • Identifying venomous marine animals
    • Warning signs of an envenomation
    • The appropriate first aid procedure for managing a venomous marine animal injuries
    • Managing a bite from a marine animal
    • Seafood poisoning
    • Performing scene safety assessments
    • Assessing and maintaining the Airway, Breathing and Circulation (ABCs) of an injured diver
    • The importance of supplemental oxygen as a first aid measure for injured divers
    • Techniques for controlling bleeding
    • Managing shock
    • The components of an Emergency Assistance Plan
    • Reducing the risk of an injury from a marine animal


Student level:

  • A DAN Basic Life Support provider or equivalent qualification is required

Instructor level:

  • The Instructor Candidate must have completed the Instructor Qualification course (IQC) and:
  • Be a certified and active scuba diving Instructor (or Divemaster/Assistant Instructor with current CPR training)
  • Be a current DAN First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries provider
  • Have current training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Have documentation of first aid training
  • Be a current DAN Member


Provider course – €129

Instructor course €189*


** includes materials and certification. 

*A DAN instructor must pay a one-off €85.00 for an Instructor Qualification Course with the first instructor course undertaken.

Time commitment 

4 hours